To promote the development of wind energy is the main task of eolica wind consult GmbH located in Naumburg (Germany) close to the city of Kassel.

The company was founded in 1999 and is developing national and international wind farm locations.

The choice of a location governs the success of a wind farm project. On basis of our big experience we can evaluate sites and can help you to find profitable and sustainable wind locations.

From the search for locations and land acquisitions eolica wind consult GmbH covers the complete process of planning, projection and erection of wind power stations including the related commercial activities. We provide the complete one-stop expertise.

All services can be provided both on the company's own behalf as well as on account of it's customers. In this context, also the management for key ready delivered installations can be carried out on behalf of the customer.

eolica wind consult GmbH provides turnkey wind farm planning national and international.

eolica wind consult GmbH buys into planned or partially realised projects, and where necessary takes over the implementation risk.

We also buy locations for Wind energy projects in any stage of planning.

If you have big plans you need a competent partner. Our activities are exclusively in the wind energy sector and we could assist you in all kinds of wind related matters.

As your partner we would provide all the preliminary planning and feasibility examinations on our expenses.



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